15 August 2008


One day Paul Gee invited me to look at his blog. I had to sign up or sign in to do so, and hey look - you can create your own blog too - and so I have.  Anyway, thank you, Paul.  Computer love.  I love you and Stacey and Jude very much.  And now the two girls, too.

I wanted to start my blog, OK, GO AHEAD, like right away, because I was so excited to finally make one of these blogs for my very own self, so naturally I used whatever was around.  I had just seen the old Madonna press covers on washingtonpost.com or something, and the mash-up with Rilke, who sat atop a pile of books in the bedroom, made delicious sense.  Now that I think about it, they both are/were artists who seem obsessed with a love of human love and making what is divine, immediate.  Something to that effect.  The text excerpted from R. M. Rilke express ideas that once upon a time saved my life.  Like "if dangers are present, love them."  And I never stray far from Madonna.  And that's where this all started, for the record.

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