05 September 2008

Homework, Books, No-Dirty Looks

I apologize for the protracted internet silence - the death knell for any blog whose readership extends beyond one's siblings.  I find myself today in transition from 9 to 5 social worker to 9 to 5 student, and in the Fog of Making New Habits Necessary For Survival in the New Normal.  Ahem.  It's been a qualitative, happy exchange for me, from Cases to Classes, Practice to Theory - though practica do begin soon.  I enter school feeling that I've gone as far as I could go with as much as I knew.  I want to go somewhere else.  

The clinical psych program here at Widener is indeed diverse, even pluralistic (let me be naive for a few days) - in terms of orientations, or schools, and I am happy that this seems to be the case.  Any 'confusion,' as the director put it to us on our first day, that may be generated by competing minds amongst faculty, is a good thing; the apparent dissonance is but an opportunity for creativity on the part of the student, as he or she integrates newer experiences with those that precede.  This, creativity, is where things get really, really exciting - right up there with other sources of really exciting things like beer pong.

And so, I am excited - but without many expectations.  At the suggestion of my uncle, I've let my Grad School Anxiety out of the box - and, in the light of day, one sees that Fear is simply Excitement.  Get Excited.

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